Terms of Use

Important: If you disagree with any of the items below, please don’t use our web sites.

We do for you

We (Kepler Company Limited, collectively referred to as Jetradar-Asia.Com) operate a number of web sites allowing you to search for airline tickets, hotel rooms and other from our affiliate service providers.When you submit a search request, we contact a number of our affiliate partners – including, but not limited to, service providers, airlines, hotels, travel agencies [collectively referred to as Our Affiliate Service Provider’s Partners] – to provide us with a list of available options; then our service provider sort out the results and present them to you. You can search, filter and browse the results until you find a suitable option and click on the corresponding record. At that time, you are redirected to Our Affiliate Service Provider’s Partners and all your further interactions take place with them, not Jetradar-Asia.Com. We constantly update the web site, the way the information is presented and add/remove Our Affiliate Partners appearing in the search results. And offering the service on a personal non-commercial basis. Commercial use of the service is allowed when you sign up for our Partner Program.

We don’t do for you

• We don’t recommend any tickets / bookings over other tickets / bookings. We provide the comparison tool and the information we collect from Our Affiliate Service Providers. All decisions are yours.
• We don’t sell tickets / bookings / etc. Our web site only allows you to search for travel products, but you pay directly to Our Affiliate Service Provider’s Partners/Agents on their web sites. Hence, if you have questions, suggestions or service inquiries, please forward them directly to Them. All mentions of Our Affiliate Service Provider’s Partners, including their trademarks and logos, are made for information purposes only.
• We don’t recommend one Partner over another Partner. Same reason as above.

We don’t want you to do

• If you’re under 13 – using the web site without your parent’s or guardian’s supervision.
• Running automated search queries on our web site. This may affect the operation of our web site and make other users unhappy. This also includes spam and requests aimed at or likely to impair the performance and operation of the web site.
• Using our trademarks [JetRadar-Asia.Com], design elements, logos, content, articles, and other Intellectual Property. Our Intellectual Property is ours and we don’t grant you a license to use it for any purpose.
• Misrepresent the nature of your relationship with Kepler. You are not allowed to pretend to act on behalf of Kepler in any capacity unless we explicitly authorize you to do so as our Affiliate Partner.


• The search service is from our affiliate service provider to you “as is” without any warranties, including fitness for purpose. It provides generic information that doesn’t take your specific requirements into consideration. All the ticket/booking information we display comes from our partners and we don’t validate it for accuracy, availability, applicability, compatibility with your needs or citizenship / visa status, etc.
• We are not responsible for the validity of information outside of our control related to exchange rates, weather, time zones and time difference, travel time, etc. The information published in city guides may not be accurate and you use it at your own risk.
• We disclaim any responsibility for any actions performed by you based on the information presented or implied on our web site.
• Because we don’t sell anything (see above), we can’t guarantee the availability of tickets or bookings, or that the price given to us my Our Partners will be the same price you will pay.
• We don’t guarantee that the price that will be displayed to you will contain ALL the charges and fees, including, but not limited to: airport charge, fuel surcharge, departure tax, checked baggage fee, credit card processing fee, etc. And we don’t guarantee your satisfaction with your flight or booking because the provisioning of service is beyond our control.
• Theoretically, our web site may go down or become unresponsive for a short period of time. In the unlikely event of this happening, we are not responsible for any inconvenience you incur.
• We may change these terms of usage at any time without advance notice.

Limitation of Liability

• The reason why: because we don’t charge you for anything, to the maximum extent permitted by the law of your country, we disclaim any liability for any damages arising from your use of Kepler’s web sites or from any aspect of your dealing with Our Partners.


• You agree to indemnify Kepler and its stakeholders against any claims, damages, losses, etc. brought by 3rd parties as a result of your misuse of the web sites, Kepler’s or Our Partners’ Intellectual Property.


• Any voidable provisions in these Terms of Use don’t render the entire Terms void.